Vincent Roger

Inclusive Agribusiness Specialist

Vincent Roger joined CNFA in 2016 as a senior consultant and brings fifteen years of experience in leadership positions in the agribusiness and the development sectors. Based in Swaziland and working across Africa, Mr. Roger specializes in convening public and private partners to support agribusinesses’ investments in structures shared with local communities and small enterprise suppliers. He formulates, develops, and implements sustainable public-private partnerships through the provision of critical investments in infrastructure, technology, and human resources, and the development of custom-tailored business performance and social impact measurement systems.

Prior to his work in Africa, Mr. Roger served as Director of Programs for Mercy Corps in Myanmar, where he led rural economic growth and recovery projects in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone. He has also served as a Project Director on various international development initiatives, including a cacao value chain project in Indonesia and an economic recovery and food security project in Pakistan.

Mr. Roger brings deep agribusiness experience to his work at CNFA, based as far back as the origin of his career as a production manager of food processing plants in both Costa Rica and France. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Tropical Agri-food Sciences from the National Institute of Food and Agro-industries in Montpellier, France.