Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Pakistan

Vegetable Packing-house Specialist

CNFA-AMD Project

US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development



Project Name

CNFA-AMD/ Project Number AID-391-C-15-00003

Consultancy Assignment

Operation and Management of packing-house for vegetables

Consultant Title

Vegetable Packing-house Specialist

Reports to

Chief technical Advisor – AMD

Place of Performance

Pakistan with travel to grantee sites in Punjab and Sindh


23 days, including 2 international travel days, 18 days in-country and 3 days for report writing

Est. Period of Performance

February 01, 2018 to March 31, 2018

Project Description:


U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) activity in Pakistan is a USAID-funded activity implemented by CNFA with the goal of supporting the development of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture, particularly through improving the ability of Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sectors to meet both international and domestic demand and requirements in targeted product lines in Citrus, Mango, High Value/Offseason vegetables and livestock. AMD envisions transforming the four targeted product lines into efficient, private sector-led value chains that deliver competitive products to domestic and export markets. AMD’s targeted training, matching grants, and technical assistance will leverage private sector investment and encourage innovation. Together these approaches will support upgrading and streamlining supply chains, optimizing profit margins, increasing participation of women entrepreneurs, to ultimately make Pakistani mango, citrus, meat and HV/OSV more profitable and more competitive.


A packing-house is a physical structure, where harvest produce is consolidated and prepared for transport and distribution to market. Packing is the main activity from which the name ‘packing-house’ is derived. But there are activities before and after packing — together they are called packing-house operations. Packing-house operations include cleaning, sorting/grading, pretreatments, packing, cooling, storage and dispatch to market. Managing the packing-house is a business venture and much more complex and risky than operating a collection center, where farmers bring their produce for traders to collect.


A packing-house is an alternative way out for individual farmers, traders and exporters dealing with fresh produce at any link of the value chain. A packing-house enables quality assurance activities that ensure product quality and quantity meet market requirements, and minimize postharvest losses due to better handling and processing, inclusive of transport in better and more safely-packed vehicles.


Objectives of Technical Assistance:

The Technical Assistance (TA) provided by AMD will be delivered through an international consultant and will include capacity building of packing-house owners, operators and exporters on best practices for the operation and management of fresh vegetables and cool chain essential for exporting high value horticulture crops. The international STTA will provide onsite technical guidance on the operation and management of packing-houses and will conduct capacity building sessions on efficient utilization and management of the packing-house facility for vegetables. A step-by-step guidebook will be developed and supported by illustrations on the operation and management of the packing-house and cool chain, identifying tools and support equipment essential for packing-house operation and cool chain management. Food safety and worker health and safety will also be addressed.

Scope of the Assignment

The consultant’s tasks will include, but not be limited to, the following:

§  Coordinate with the AMD program team for development of work plan including visit schedule to AMD grantees’ packing-houses;

§  Conduct on-site inspection and situational analysis for grantees and interaction with other stakeholders for better understanding of supply and value chains;  

§  Design and develop a Guidebook for best practices including illustrations on the operation and management of a packing-house for fresh vegetables, identifying required support equipment essential for optimum packing-house operation and cool chain management;

§  Food safety, health and safety precautions of workers and environmental compliances should also be addressed;

§  Based on visits to packing houses and interviews with stakeholders, identify the minimum amount of equipment and tools, with specifications, essential for the efficient operation of the packing-house; 

§  Any value addition to B&C grade products segregated during the grading and packing process for the local market and processing industry, via packaging and cost-effective means for transport;

§  Conduct two stakeholder capacity building sessions, one in Karachi and one in Lahore, on best practices for operating and managing a vegetable packing-house with cool chain customized to address the constraints found during site visits and stakeholder interactions;

§  Any other related tasks assigned by the COP or CTA 


  • The specific deliverables of this assignment are;
  • Submit a detailed work plan and site visit plan within 2 days of arrival in country;
  • In coordination with the AMD technical staff, conduct two capacity building sessions for stakeholders on the operation and management of packing-house with cool chain for vegetables;
  • Develop a step-by-step Best Practices Guidebook with illustrations on operation and management of a vegetable packing-house with cool chain. The guidebook will cover all aspects of operation including, but not limited to, cool chain management, food safety measures, health and safety of workers, environmental mitigation, organic waste removal and value addition of products;
  • Develop a list of tools and equipment, with specifications, essential for the smooth operation of packing-house and incorporate into the guidebook;
  • Also develop a guideline on best utilization of organic waste;
  • Provide recommendations to stakeholders on the best use of ‘B’ & ‘C’ grades of fresh produce;
  • Submit a comprehensive final report which includes:
  • Report on the training delivered;
  • Sites visited and technical support provided;
  • Guidebook developed, reviewed by AMD technical team and annex with the final report;
  • List of tools and equipment, with specifications, required for smooth operation of packing-house, incorporated in the report;
  • Food safety measures, health & safety of workers and environmental mitigation plan for packing-house, developed and incorporated in the guidebook;
  • Deliver presentation to AMD team on activities conducted on operation and management of packing-house;
  • Recommendations and steps forward;
  • Any other task assigned by COP and CTA 


  • The consultants should have:
  • An advanced degree in the field of food safety, food processing management, or equivalency in experience;
  • 5-10 years’ experience of having worked with commercial agriculture traders or exporters as well as experience in handling and postharvest handling of vegetables;
  • Sound knowledge of cold chain management, good processing practices with agricultural products, food safety and employee safety and hygiene;
  • Proven experience in working with HACCP principles, food safety record-keeping and documentation procedures;
  • Prior experience working as a consultant with USAID or donor-funded projects a plus;
  • Prior experience in capacity building trainings for good manufacturing practices, HACCP principles;
  • Excellent computer skills, in particular: Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point;
  • Demonstrable interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Documented excellent writing skills in English;
  • Oral fluency in English

Timing of the Assignment:

The consultant will commence working on this assignment on or about February 1, 2018