Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Pakistan

Seedless Watermelon Production Specialist

Objectives of Technical Assistance:

The international STTA will provide technical guidance and recommendations in designated fields, for the production of quality seedless watermelon for commercial sales. The consultant will chalk out SOPs related to harvesting best practices for the commercial distribution of seedless watermelon including established and tested grading standards, recommended packaging material for the target markets, proper stowage in containers, and cold management of temperature and humidity requirements. The ISTTA will work with the AMD technical team to combine existing production best practices SOPs with the post-harvest SOPs developed in this assignment into a guidebook that covers pre and post-harvest best practices for the commercial production and sale of seedless watermelon. 


– An advanced degree in the field of Horticulture, Agriculture, Post-harvest Technology, Agriculture marketing, Business Management and/or Food Engineering;

– 5-10 years’ experience of having worked with commercial agriculture traders or exporters as well as other players in the HV/OSV;

– Sound knowledge of cold chain and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in processing agricultural products and maintaining quality standards;

– Prior experience of working as a consultant with USAID or donor funded projects in Pakistan with Good Agriculture Practices, SPS, Post-harvest handling of fresh produce, pre-cooling, cold storage and international marketing;

– Excellent computer skills, in particular: Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point;

– Demonstrable interpersonal and communication skills;

– Documented excellent writing skills in English;

– Good know how of financial modeling of a crop.

– Excellent market knowledge.

– Oral fluency in English

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