Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Pakistan

International Livestock Specialist – Body scoring

CNFA-AMD Project

US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development


Project Name

CNFA-AMD/ Project Number AID-391-C-15-00003

Consultancy Assignment

Technical Assistance to feedlot to use Body condition scoring as a tool to help optimize production.

Consultant Name and Title

 International Livestock Specialist


Reports to

Chief Technical Advisor / Chief of Party – AMD

Place of Performance     

Lahore, Multan  and Karachi , Pakistan

Project Description:

The U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) activity in Pakistan is a USAID funded activity implemented by CNFA with the goal of supporting the development of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture, particularly through improving the ability of Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sectors to meet both international and domestic demand and requirements in targeted product lines in citrus, mango, high value/off season vegetables and livestock. AMD envisions transforming the four targeted product lines into efficient, private sector-led value chains that deliver competitive products to domestic and export markets. AMD’s targeted training, matching grants, and technical assistance will leverage private sector investment and encourage innovation. Together, these approaches will support upgrading, streamline supply chains, optimize profit margins, increase participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately make Pakistani mango, citrus, meat and HV/OSV more profitable and more competitive. 

Body condition scoring is an important management practice used by producers as a tool to help optimize production, evaluate health, and assess nutritional status. This practice helps evaluate their herd as to the amount of body reserves, particularly fat and muscle, an animal possesses. If body condition scoring is conducted at planned intervals throughout the production cycle, nutrition and management can be altered if needed.

The objective of this assignment is to provide technical assistance to the AMD team for the backstopping to feedlot and value added grantees to establish body condition scoring as tool to help optimize production, evaluate health, and assess nutritional status of animals. The Consultant will further design and develop detailed Standard guidance on newly developed Beef Body Scoring system customized for Pakistan livestock industry.   

In the duration of 23 days ISTTA assignment, the International consultant will conduct the following tasks;  

1.      Background reading of AMD Work Plan and published studies on previous feedlot / backgrounding studies conducted in Pakistan.

2.      Onsite visits to all AMD granted and partner feedlot, backgrounders and get understanding of prevailing norms and practices to asses production, health and nutrition needs of animals.

3.      Visits of cattle markets and dairies to understand birth to slaughter beef supply chain.

4.      Visit to meet with academia / R&Ds and progressive livestock farmers to discuss the genetic traits of Pakistan livestock and potential to evaluate on BSC system.  

5.      Visits to few value added businesses to understand their demand for meat grading and standardization.

6.      Visits to few corporate dairies in industry to analyze the scores of male calves on definite age and weight.

III. Deliverables: 

1.      A final report that details the guidance on body condition scoring as an management practice used by producers as a tool to help optimize production, evaluate health, and assess nutritional status customized for Pakistan livestock industry.  

2.      Develop the guidance on assessment of muscle shape of live animals.

3.      Develop guidance on assessment of fat depth of live animals

4.      Guidelines for general body conditions during backgrounding & finishing phases of animal production.

5.      Guidelines for grain fed / Green fed animals BCS system.

6.      Design and develop training modules on BCS system customized for backgrounding, feedlot and value added businesses.

7.      Conduct Training of Trainers to develop master trainers on newly developed BCS system from selected segments of meat value chain.   

Qualifications:  The consultant should have:

1.                  An advanced degree in the field of livestock / animal production.

2.                  Extensive international experience of having worked with commercial feedlot and meat value chain preferably in developing countries on designing Beef body scoring system for backgrounding, feedlot and integrated value added for meat sector.

3.                  Requisite prior experience of working at senior level consulting assignments with donor funded projects with a focus on establishing BCS system in backgrounding, feedlot linked to meat grading at value added businesses.  

4.                  Demonstrated ability to work in a team / demonstrated communication skills and documented report writing skills in English; Oral fluency in English.